“I have known Vincent Perry for twelve years. It was actually Vince that taught me my first arm bar. No matter where I travel or who I train with around the world, Vince still stands out as an exceptional coach. What makes him a great coach, is NOT only his technical ability, but also his ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. In closing, anyone who chooses to train with Vincent Perry is truly blessed, and I for one am envious.”

Dan Higgins

Principal Instructor of Australia’s #1 M.M.A Comp Team – I.M.A Brisbane
Professional Mixed Martial Art Fighter & “Pound for Pound” Australia’s best M.M.A competitor


“In my long association with Vincent Perry (going back to the very early 1990’s), I have come to know him as a coach, a colleague and a friend. Through our association in the health, fitness and martial arts industry, I have come to realise that Vincent is one of those rare individuals that understands the meaning of ongoing commitment and dedication to the ideal of excellence. Some coaches are perfect for ʻfightersʼ, others are better suited to ʻpersonal growthʼ, others still are technicians or great motivators; and every now and then, someone emerges who embodies all of those traits – Vincent Perry is just such a person.”

John B Will

Principal BJJ Australasia D.C.A.T (defend Control & Arrest Training) Black Belt Studios


“I lived 2 years in Australia doing post-graduate study at Griffith University, Gold Coast. As a 2004 NCAA All American wrestler I understood the value of physical recreation and with no wrestling clubs close by, I joined the P.U.M.M.A Academy. Not only did I learn exceptional skills on the mat with great stand up and submission fighting techniques, but the culture reset my thoughts on what to really value in life. P.U.M.M.A became my family for my stay in Australia and from it I have made lifelong (I hope) friendships.”

Edwin Murray

4 x Conference Champion / 4 x National Qualifier / 2004 NCAA All American Wrestler
2005 Philadelphia Inquirer Men’s Athlete of the Year


“Vincent Perry is a superb coach, innovator, and practitioner of a variety of martial arts (including the mixed martial arts). He is never content with his abilities and is continually striving to reach another level in terms of knowledge and training. He is truly committed to bringing the best out, not only in himself but also in those he coaches. For the best part of 15 years I have traveled and trained across the world in many great facilities but the culture that Vincent has created at P.U.M.M.A is unmatched. The fantastic culture is a direct reflection of Vincent’s strive for coaching excellence and I highly recommend anyone of any level to be part of this great experience.”

PJ O’Sullivan

Canadian B.J.J Champion Principal Coach PURA B.J.J Toronto

“After 34 years as a martial arts practitioner I feel priviliged to have found Vince Perry as my instructor. My job as a stunt performer takes me around the world and I have seen/ trained with many of the best instructors worldwide. Vinent is in my mind one of the top instructors nationally as well as internationally. I am grateful to him for sharing his vast knowledge of the martial arts. I would whole heartedly recommend Vincent as an instructor for beginners and advanced students alike”. (2005)

Ron Vreeken

Black Belt Aikido, Nihon Jiu Jitsu Kyokyushinkai, Judo,
Iado Dutch Kickboxing and Kyokyushinkai Champion
Blitz Hall of Fame Martial Artist of the Year


“As a teenager in New Zealand, I was asked to leave a boxing gym with them telling me I had no future in the sport – so I took up Kick boxing instead. When I moved to Australia as a 17 year old I sought out training with Vincent Perry (I had been recommended him whilst still in N.Z). Vincent trained me for 8 1/2 years and 54 fights. He took me from novice to Australian champion in Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Professional Boxing. He understands the technical, physical, and conditioning aspects of the ring. His Pad work and drilling is second to none. He uses his immense experience in the martial/fighting arts to create incredible variety in training (training that as any professional fighter will tell you can become mundane). More then a coach he has been a mentor and friend to me”

Juarne Dowling

Professional Fighter and former Australian Champion Boxing, Kick/Thai Boxing Vincent Perry – The 1St Inductee Into The Fight World Hall Of Fame 2008.


“For his superior leadership, Teaching performance and dedication to the Martial Arts. Personal achievements and continuous contributions to the advancement of the Martial Arts has been duly noted and recorded. This award will serve as a constant reminder of the spirit of perseverance.”

Vincent Perry – The 1st Inductee Into The Fight World Hall Of Fame 2008.

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