Why Choose P.U.M.M.A?

Gold Coasts Best Equipped Mixed Martial Art Facility

  • Over 400 square meters of safety grappling mats PLUS bags, focus/thai pads, shields, and belly guards
  • Fully equipped weights and personal training studio
  • Air conditioned Yoga/Stretching Studio

One of the States Richest Grappling Mats

  • With 10 Black Belts, 8 Brown Belts, 8 Purple Belts and 30+ Blue Belts (many National Champions in each grade) the depth of P.U.M.M.A’s grappling mat ensures each student will be given the opportunity to excel. NB a Blue Belt requires between 2 to 3 years of consistent training and would therefore be the equivalent of a black belt in many other systems.
  • Additionally with so many students P.U.M.M.A now offers 3 levels of grappling class – beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Whatever level, YOU WILL have YOUR needs addressed.

A Positive World Class Team Culture and “inclusive” philosophy ensuring at each and every session you will have a SAFE, learning and training experience

There is no doubt the martial arts is a great vehicle for an individual to develop themselves. Often this “self” focus – prioritizing ones technique and personal growth will leave an Academy wanting in the area of team culture. P.U.M.M.A’s emphasis on the developing of a strong supportive community is now being studied and replicated by martial art coaches from around the world – refer Testimonials.

P.U.M.M.A Mission Statement – “Prioritizing safety and an open ended pursuit of EXCELLENCE, P.U.M.M.A will address the fitness, self defence and competition needs of a broad client base. Emphasis will be placed on creating a co-operative learning community, leveraging the power of the TEAM to support the individual training goals and aspirations of each student.”

Highlights of P.U.M.M.A Team @ the ’09 Nats – Check it out here 3 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze – Sensational Team Effort!!

Queensland’s longest running Mixed Martial Art Academy, and Gold Coast’s most experienced M.M.A Coach.

Principal instructor Vincent Perry, IS THE MOST experienced M.M.A coach on the Gold Coast and one of the most experienced in this country. Many of the instructors on the Gold Coast and in Queensland have at one time or another been a student of Vincent’s (or a “student” of these students) – refer Testimonials

Since the early 1980’s, long before M.M.A became popular or was even “named”, Vincent trained and traveled the world seeking the best techniques that would later on be considered core to the “Mixed Martial Arts”. This was driven by Vincents pursuit for “truth in combat” and was influenced by the philosophy and teachings of Bruce Lee and the coaching of Walt Missingham, Pete Williams, Dan Inosanto and John Will.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s (before the 1st U.F.C) Vincent competed in full contact ring combat sports (becoming a middle weight National Champion) that had all the strikes found in Kick boxing but also included throws and take downs. At the time this was the CLOSEST competition in Australia to what would later be M.M.A.

ALL grades are Nationally and Internationally recognized.

Too many martial art academies grade students to levels only recognized at their venue. If they close down or the student moves away more often than not all those years of hard training will end up in the grade having NO meaning and NO recognition.  A B.J.J blue belt at P.U.M.M.A will be respected and acknowledged as a B.J.J blue belt ANYWHERE in the world!!!

Three convenient locations on the Gold Coast – Burleigh, Tweed and Upper Coomera ALL of which are full time.

With academies at Burleigh, Tweed, and Upper Coomera – a resident of the G.C is probably no more then 20 mins away from one of the classes.

Queenslands FIRST Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy and one of the FIRST FOUR B.J.J Academies in Australia.

Vincent began coaching on the Gold Coast in Jan 1994 at that time only John Will(Pete de Been was at Johns Academy), Anthony Lange, and Sean Kirkwood/John Simon, ran B.J.J classes in Australia

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